Let the dog comfortable summer

Summer temperatures, pet dogs and people will appear the phenomenon of heat stroke. The pet dog consists of sunstroke and heatstroke heatstroke. The heat in the sun insolation and the formation of long-term exposure. In order to prevent sunstroke, suggest taking a pet dog out is the best in the morning or evening, should avoid the hottest day in time, and in the shady place slowly, avoid excessive force running. Heat stroke is formed in the hot, no air circulation in the environment. For relatively thick hair, Samoye, Chow Alaska or obese pet dog, it should be placed in a cool environment, if the home air conditioning, should also keep the air fresh, to prevent infection of respiratory tract disease. When with a dog on a long journey, should not be alone in the car, the car temperature is very high, it is easy to cause the pet dog heatstroke.