The pet industry ushered in the outbreak or market size of up to hundreds of billions of 10

Cats, dogs are human's good friends, add a lot of fun to people's life, because of this, more and more people begin to keep pets, pet supplies market in recent years popular up.

Related statistics show, USA family pets rate is 62%, the annual sales volume of $55000000000; the Japanese family pets rate of 45%, the annual sales volume of $15000000000; and the China first-tier cities pets rate is less than 15%, the annual sales volume of approximately $7000000000, after 10 years, when the new generation become the main social, free now the main social China down, the pet industry will usher in the real popularity and the outbreak, market size can reach hundreds of billions of yuan.

Now, in the park, in the square of the community, often can see a lot of dogs, and the master of their own pets are more care. "A week to give the dog a bath, trimming, buy dog food and some food, the cost is very much, if you catch the dog sick, need medical expenses, then more." A small teddy dog owner Ms. Huang of "made in China" by news reporters.

As Ms. Huang said, a pet has become a member of a family, in order to let pets have a better quality of life for their own pet owners are willing to spend money, it is this mentality, so that in recent years the pet supplies market is becoming more and more prosperous, not only expensive, but also variety more and more.

Recently, the reporter saw in the pet show, kinds of pet products is various, but there is no lack of imported products, from pet food, clothing, housing, use, is everything. However, to come to buy supplies for pets are also many, to understand the reporter interviewed, many people understood, for how to buy pet supplies is also known as dog food, the price difference is very large, and the same product, but due to different materials and do not know how to choose. Insiders said, now the pet products of varying quality, some commodities and exaggerated the efficacy of the phenomenon, the market needs to strengthen and standardize the management, consumers in the choice of pet products, can not think this is good, be careful to choose according to their own needs.