The dog flu symptoms is not difficult to distinguish

The dog flu symptoms is not difficult to distinguish, but sometimes confused. Two dogs have a cold, generally occur in the early spring, late autumn and climate change suddenly when. The cause is the cause of most suffer sudden cold stimulation, such as the winter monsoon in indoors or sleep, sleeping in the cold season was Chuantangfeng invasion by the rain, to take a shower after the dog, there is no time for the Mao Chuigan and so on. The main symptoms of colds now: dogs depression, loss of appetite or waste vast, conjunctival flushing eyes, photophobia tears. Have a cough, runny nose pus liquid, accelerated breathing, fever, chills, trembling, if not timely treatment may have concurrent bronchitis, bronchitis and other diseases. There is a flu, it is caused by a virus, a pandemic. Mainly for high fever, in addition to cold symptoms, often accompanied by conjunctivitis and intestinal inflammation card. The dogs of many infectious diseases early symptoms and symptoms are very similar, such as the early symptoms of canine distemper, parvovirus early symptoms and so on. These disorders are fever, sneezing, often shed tears, nasal fluid water like symptoms, and symptoms of colds are very similar. Some owners confused mistaken for dogs suffering from colds, misdiagnosis and wrong diagnosis treatment, causing serious consequences of death in dogs. False cold generally in infectious diseases early is more common, there are actually special symptoms. When the dogs infected with canine distemper virus and disease, the temperature is generally two-way heat, high body temperature low, most dogs have unripe gum symptoms. While the parvovirus early, main symptoms are accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and vomiting after diarrhea is usually the first. As long as the owner can observe, or you can identify and judge. No matter how, when the dogs have the symptoms of a cold, must take timely measures, the lack of experience of the master to send the dog timely medical treatment, so as to avoid serious consequences!